Focus, Corpus, Illusio, a work on a priori, appearances and illusions:

“Focus, Corpus, Illusio” is the stage of an observation and a journey. Certain elements of our immediate environment, a little like a point that we fix for a long time and that see everything around it fade away, eventually become invisible to us.

This photographic work without numerical manipulation concentrates on matter and familiar bodies, our bodily nourishment, in order to question ourselves about our illusions and our assumptions. He propels us into the world of appearances, confronts us with the truth and our certainties and transforms himself into food of the spirit.

“What you see is not what is”

The photograph sometimes takes the form of an oil painting, acrylic or airbrush, sometimes that of a charcoal drawing or chalk. The canvas, normally dedicated to painting, participates in the illusion.

This work of introspection leads us through universes like Genesis and our origins and returns us to our senses confronted with the experience, their certainties and their contradictions.

The apparent evidence sometimes opposes, sometimes is confused with the truth.There is a force of illusion that makes it look like truth, and one can only be in illusion if one is persuaded to be right.

Pdf of the catalog of the exhibition “Focus, Corpus, Illusio”.

Articles published in the press

Tempus, Spacium, Existentia

“Tempus, Spacium, Existentia”, presented as part of this exhibition, is a photographic work whose subject is the soap bubble. It brings us back to the past and to our childhood but also expresses the furtive present moment and the fragility of ephemeral life. It is our inner world or a planet in the Universe and expresses the relationship between time, space and life.

Exhibition “An afternoon in Ropraz”, L’Estrée Foundation, from July 7 to August 3, 2016, bringing together six artists speaking in various disciplines.

The Venoge: In the intimacy of its hidden poetry

This exploration of this entirely Vaudois river is intended to take the viewer beyond the ordinary and reveal the hidden beauties of this modest stream. The Venoge, made famous by a poem written in July 1954 by Jean Villard (Gilles), poet, singer, actor, writer and Swiss composer, is a bit like the temperament of Vaudois, reserved and loving to take his time. It took many incursions along the 42 kilometers of its course, on its banks, in bed and under water, so that it opens to my eyes and reveals its intimacy and its poetry.

Exhibition at the Jardin de la Photographie 2017

Le Jardin de la Photographie is an organization whose purpose is to organize regularly, but in principle every two years during the summer, an outdoor photography exhibition, in the garden of its headquarters in Bremblens-sur-Morges. During the 2017 edition, from July 30 to August 20, a dozen of my images of the Venoge took place in the garden sharing space with the work of eleven other professional photographers.

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