Les courbes de l'esprit

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un monde de beauté et de fragilité

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sources de vie

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créer pour réfléchir

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technique et précision


la planète en sursis


Portrait for companies, organizations, associations

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Private portrait: resume, personalized, fashion, family, submarine, boudoir, etc.

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Portrait “Friends of animals”: Portrait of your pet, dog, cat, small animals, etc

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Training & Workshops


I organize classes and Workshops on different themes for small groups or individually. If you are interested, you can contact me by email by notifying your needs and interests.

Iceland, Stokksnes – 2018 – Horn’s hamlet, bay, cove at the rising tide. Landscape photography workshop with guide Jérôme Pitault. © Chris Blaser.

Next courses

Photoshop course for beginners
“I really appreciated the simplicity of our exchanges around a technically complex subject. It was really interesting to see your work, having your explanations and look at you on work. Congratulations for the exercises: the drops, the straws … it inspired me”.

“An exciting workshop, Chris is really easy at first and we are comfortable asking any questions we have. Day too short to see all aspects of the macro but it is a good approach to the universe of this photographer.”


“Thank you Chris for making the very technical aspect of an immersive studio immersion playful.You have captivated my attention while letting my imagination float in this surreal, graphic and colorful world, not far from grandiose and depopulated spaces in which he likes to wander usually The rigor of the professional and the sensitivity of the passionate make of your images a magnificent work “.

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