Serving your image

The image of your business is important. I put all my experience and expertise at the service of your needs.

I am at your disposal to produce quality illustrations and visuals for your communication media (publishing, website, annual report, press articles, advertising, etc.).

Each project is carefully studied taking into account its specificities and your expectations.


The value of your personality

To realize your portraits, I come to you, in your premises or in chosen places.

I produce them with lighting and studio equipment in order to guarantee a quality adapted to the different mediums.

I pay special attention to details (body language, outfit arrangement, reflections on glasses…etc).

Do not hesitate to contact me for more elaborate or complex projects.


Architecture projects should reflect the vision and intent of their creators.

To enhance them, the shots are taken with equipment specific to this type of photography in order to correct the perspectives without loss of quality.

Careful preparations and location scouting make it possible to benefit from the best light when shooting exteriors and buildings.

Various sophisticated lighting or digital techniques can be applied for optimum rendering of volumes and textures.


Saving time and money

Professional photographs drastically increase the chances of renting or selling a property quickly.

Future buyers must be able to project themselves into the premises presented. I therefore work to enhance the spaces and materials used.

Whether commercial premises, rental properties or properties intended for sale, the images are produced for a neat rendering and maximum visual impact.


With global warming and conflicts in the world, environmental and ecological issues are strongly impacted. In this context, it therefore seems important to me to document societal adaptations at the ecological level.

My work on the environment is partly oriented towards the solutions that society must put in place to adapt to energy shortages and climate change. Another part focuses on aquatic environments, and more particularly on those of fresh water in all its forms. I strive to show the beauty and fragility of the different biotopes around lakes, rivers and glaciers.

I produce modules of ten to twenty minutes in the form of slideshows that can enhance the interludes of your conferences or your evenings. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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