Cookies and data management policy:

When visiting the site, cookies are placed on your computer, mobile or tablet.

A cookie is information stored on your hard drive by the server of the site or a mobile application that you visit.

It contains several data:

the name of the server that filed it;
an identifier in the form of a unique number;
possibly an expiration date.
In your computer, cookies are managed by your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome).

What are the different types of cookies used on our site?

Different types of cookies are used on, they have different purposes.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. They allow you to use the main features of the site (for example access to your e-commerce store account). Without these cookies, you can not use our site normally. These are cookies filed by and which relate only to the operation of our site.

Analytical cookies
We use a cookie called “Google Analytics” or similar cookies to collect information about how visitors use our site (eg, number of visits, frequency of visits, and most viewed pages). We then use this information to build reports and improve the structure and design of the site. However, we do not use cookies to collect or store information about the user’s name, address, or other details that identify the person.

How to disable cookies?
To disable cookies, simply change your browser settings to refuse cookies. How to do this depends on the browser you are using. Today, all browsers allow to change the settings related to cookies: they are usually found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your browser. You can also use your browser’s help for more details.