Bio Blaser

Chris Blaser is a professional photographer from Lausanne on the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland.

What characterizes this enthusiast with nearly twenty-five years of professional experience is undoubtedly his quality of adventurer, not to satisfy a taste for risk but much more his curiosity and the desire to meet the unknown, to explore new paths and to excel. Moreover, of the sports he practices regularly, he likes to defend “sportsmanship” and the values ​​it represents, namely honesty, commitment, humility and respect.

The passion for photography was born from this thirst for life, backpacking trips around the world, extraordinary discoveries and encounters, the desire to share these riches of our world.

After a first job as an electrician who was abruptly interrupted by the real estate crisis of the 1990s, he left to produce his first report on swallow nest hunters in Thailand during which he fell and broke several vertebrae. During his rehabilitation, he resumed his studies at the Evening Gymnasium and ended up being hired by the photo agency Actualités Suisses Lausanne (ASL) then by the newspaper 24Heures where he trained for two years.